We changed how licensing is done

At Teletry, we changed the way that patents are licensed in the telecommunications industry. We were an intermediary between BlackBerry – one of the industry’s leading innovators – and smartphone companies around the globe.

Since its founding in 1984, BlackBerry created one of the most valuable patent portfolios in the wireless telecommunications industry, spanning approximately 38,000 patents and patent applications across the world, covering a broad range of technologies that bring value to smartphones and other mobile devices.

BlackBerry partnered with Teletry because of our team’s proven track record of achieving long-term licensing relationships between members of the telecommunications industry. We used our deep experience in finding collaborative solutions to facilitate the creation of beneficial relationships between BlackBerry and leading smartphone companies.

We helped smartphone and telecom infrastructure manufacturers in their quest for continued innovation and growth by providing them with fair and efficient access to BlackBerry’s patented technologies. We worked with them, offering services and administrative support including assistance in risk assessment, to help them understand the BlackBerry patent portfolio in order to take a license to the patented technologies.

Though Teletry ended its program for new licensees in 2023, all existing licensees continue to enjoy the benefits of their license.

Deep expertise in patent licensing

Our team has extensive expertise in smartphone technology and years of experience with building licensing relationships across the telecommunications industry. We used this expertise in working with BlackBerry, managing their patent portfolio to enable efficient licensing and monetization.