How We Do It

An ecosystem of businesses for licensing challenges.

Supporting premier licensing platforms and solutions for advanced technologies

Marconi and its associated businesses create a market-driven balance between licensees and licensors – transforming the often-challenging patent licensing process. We recognize that not every deal or transaction is the same, so our businesses offer out-of-the-box solutions, as well as fully customized approaches.

A streamlined approach to collective licensing

Avanci is a leading independent provider of patent licensing platforms, working at the intersection of different industries to bring efficiency, convenience, and predictability to the licensing process. Avanci’s efficient, market-driven licensing solutions provide a straightforward, predictable and fair option for licensing the patented technologies essential for many of the products and services that are transforming our world.


A custom approach to licensing

Innovius creates innovative, custom solutions to simplify the patent licensing process, helping many of the world’s leading companies to share technologies, enabling new breakthroughs and new products. Ours is a 360-degree approach, working with all parties in the licensing ecosystem to maximize opportunities and reduce risk.


A curated portfolio of video codec patents

Velos Media owns and licenses a curated portfolio of more than 400 global assets, many of which have claims that are essential to one or more video codec standards. The Velos Media team offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of individual licensees, including a comprehensive license to the portfolio for use across multiple video codecs.