A Better Way Forward

Technology is changing our world every minute of every day. These new innovations wouldn’t be possible without access to foundational, patented technology to fuel them forward.

A sensible solution for sharing and supporting intellectual property means more life-changing inventions coming to us faster, and more frequently than ever before.


Marconi has a vision for transforming the fundamentals of patent licensing. It should be collaborative: serving the needs of companies both when they are innovating new technology and when they are incorporating technology into new products.


It should be innovative: breaking new ground in patent licensing to benefit all who contribute. Transforming the way that technology is shared to generate new uses and more value.


And it needs to be efficient: leading to a simpler, more streamlined solution to patent licensing that works better for business and opens a world of new products for consumers.

Licensing for the pace of today's innovations

Marconi creates and supports premier independent licensing platforms and programs for the most advanced technologies. Working with industry-leading innovators, Marconi is transforming patent licensing across different technologies and products, and recruiting world-class teams to connect innovators and product manufacturers in an efficient way – reducing risks and transactional costs for our customers and providing new products that consumers desire.

A better
way forward

Companies making products that incorporate patented technology want a licensing solution that is comprehensive and transparent.

With the positive response to the launch of Avanci, the industry has asked for similar platforms that provide easy, one-stop access to more of today’s leading global technologies.

Bringing together the most fundamental patent portfolios from the industry’s leading innovators, and working with the marketplace to provide enhanced value that is fair, not prohibitive and minimizes transaction costs, Marconi creates a successful balance between licensees and licensors – transforming the often challenging licensing process that exists today.

Platforms and Programs

Marconi is nurturing innovation and accelerating the pace of positive change. We provide common services and administrative support – in areas including legal, finance, human resources, marketing and communications – for industry-leading platforms and programs representing the very latest technologies.

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A better
way forward

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